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Hello everybody!
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Hello everybody!

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What are we going to do

- Introduction A + B
- Repeat grammar past simple
- Repeat grammar present simple & present continuous
- practice makes perfect

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Let's get started

- open your student's book on page 4
- work with the person sitting next to you and finish assignments 1 to 5 on page 4. Make sure you discuss in English.
- You get 5-8 minutes to finish these assignments.

- When everyone is finished we continue on with the grammar explanation about the past simple.

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Past simple
Lesson goal: At the end of this lesson you will have refreshed you knodledge on the past simple and know how/when the past simple is used.

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Past simple in affirmative sentences
Look at the following sentences. Do you recognize the past simple?
- I was in London last year. (be)
- We saw this film last night. (see)
- They bought the same dress yesterday. (buy)
- I worked really hard last year (work)

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How do you make a past simple? What do you remember from last year? Write down everything you know.

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Past simple (questions)
Look at the following sentences. Can you recognize the past simple?
- Was I in London last year? (be)
- Did we see this film last night ?(see)
- Did they buy the same dress yesterday? (buy)
- Did I work hard last year? (work)

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Explain to me in detail; How do you make a question in the past simple?

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Past simple (negations)
Look at the following negations. 
- I wasn't in London last year. (be)
- We didn't see this film last night. (see)
- They didn't buy the same dress yesterday. (buy)
- I didn't work hard last year (work)

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Explain to me in detail; how do you make a negation in the past simple?

Slide 10 - Open vraag

When do you use a past simple?
You use the past simple when something happened in the past and it is FINISHED
Often there is a time in the sentence. 
like yesterday, last year, in 1980, when I was a child etc.

• It happened in 1870.
• He saw her last week
• We first met a year ago.

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Let's summarize
In affimative sentences the verb gets  - ED or you use the 2nd form of the irregular wordlist (you can find this in you workbook on page 136
Example: I studied for my test
I had a great mark for my test

In negations you use DIDN'T + VERB in present tense 
example: I didn't study for my test
In questions you use DID + VERB in present tense
example: Did I study for my test?

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Past simple - Spelling 
Ends in -e, only add -d
Bake -> baked

Ends in -y, change to -ied
Marry -> married

One syllable ends with vowel + consonant, double consonant
Stop -> stopped

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irregular verbs
page 136 workbook. Make sure you know them by heart!

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Write down two sentences using the past tense. One with a regular verb and one with an irregular verb.

Slide 15 - Open vraag

Let's continue on page 126 SB
- Go to page 126 of your student's book.
- Read the grammar explanation I.1   and finish assigments 1 and 2
- When you're done go to page 5 of your student's book
-  Listen to me or read up on present simple/present continous yourself and watch this EXPLANATION VIDEO   PRESENT SIMPLE/PRESENT CONTINUOUS
 - finish assignments 4, 6 and 7 page 5  + grammarbuilder page 126/127 assignments 1, 2 and 3

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He / she / it + s
My flight departs in 15 minutes.

To be + verb + ing
I am meeting my friend now

I leave in 15 minutes.
I cycle to school every day
Water boils at 100 degrees celsius


I am meeting my friend now
You are listening to your teacher

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Present simple & present continuous

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Thursday 31st August 4th period
- study past simple/present simple/present continuous
finish all assignments on page 4 + 5 in your workbook 

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What did you learn today?

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Add a positive word to this jar that starts with the first letter of your name.

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