English 0SB4 - Monday 18th January 2021

0SB4 - English Monday 18th January 2021
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0SB4 - English Monday 18th January 2021

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Welcome to English class!

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Today's Lesson Goals
   Getting better at using :
1  comparatives and superlatives of adjectives 
2 past simple and present perfect tense 


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Difference between present perfect and past simple
  • With the past simple the action ocurred in the past and is complete.
  • With the present perfect  the action is still happening or there is a link to the past.

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Present Perfect
Present Perfect = Something started in the past but it still continues, 
                                      or you talk about the result.
       It has rained. The streets are still wet. (you talk about the result)
      He has played with this band since 1990. (since -> so it still continues)
        They have always worked there. (always-> so it still continues)
You do this by putting have/has in front of the verb and add –ed at the end of the verb. Signal words: for, since, just, yet, ever, never, how long, already, always.
IRREGULAR VERBS: have/has + 3rd word! (fly-flew-flown)

IRREGULAR VERBS: 2nd word! (fly-flew-flown)

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Past simple or Present perfect

She played the piano an hour ago.
Present perfect
Past Simple

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past simple or present perfect?
Mary won the lottery last year.
simple past
present perfect

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past simple or present perfect?

They ... (work) here for three years now.
have worked
has worked

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Signal words tenses ( time adverbs) 
(bepalingen van tijd)
                          Past Simple (regular verbs = verb + ed; irregular verbs: 2nd form -> study!!!)
                                                            = gewone verleden tijd
 - yesterday, ago, last night, in 1980 etc.. (ACTION FINISHED - WHEN = MENTIONED)

                         Present Perfect (regular verbs = verb + ed; irregular verbs: 3rd form -> study!!!)
                                              = have/has + voltooid deelwoord ( past participle)
 -since, for, how long, ever, never, always, just, recently, already, yet, still, so far, up till now) 
                                                (ACTION STILL GOING ON  or  RESULT/EXPERIENCE)
 I have done my homework  ( result is what counts not when it was done)
They have been here since 8. ( at 8 and still now. It goes on until now)

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Look at: Homework survey until April in Teams.

For Mo. 25th January :
MyEnglishLab unit 4: activities 1a+1b/2/3/4a/5a/6a
Book Cutting Edge Interm. p. 138  Practice 1:  1 and 2 

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Was this lesson of any use?  Type Yes or NO on the next page (and Why) 

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Was the lesson of any use?
Type "Yes"or "No" and why

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Thank you!

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