Of Mice & Men & past simple <> present perfect

Of Mice and Men
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Of Mice and Men

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What's the plan?
  • Reading: Of Mice and Men
  • Grammar: present perfect <-> past simple
  • Vocabulary check:  Business, Culture, Education.
At the end of this lesson:
  • You can identify historical themes in Of Mice and Men.
  • You can use present perfect and past simple correctly.
  • You know how well you know the exam words.

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Chapter three
  1. How did George treat Lennie when they were younger? He made fun of him.
  2. Has Lennie ever hurt George? No, he hasn't.
  3. Why did Lennie keep hold of the girl’s red dress in Weed? He was scared.
  4. What does Carlson say is wrong with Candy’s dog? It is old and it smells.
  5. What happens to Candy’s dog? How does that make you feel? Carlson shoots the dog. What do you think about that?
  6. What is the name of the black man on the ranch? Crooks.

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Chapter three
  1. Write down three ideas that are discussed when the characters talk about the dream. 
    They talk about the animals and food they will have. They won't have to work long hours. George knows the perfect place. 
  2. Who offers money to join Lennie and George in their dream? Candy.
  3. Who attacks Lennie? Curley attacks Lennie.
  4. Who tells Lennie to fight back? George does.
  5. What happens to Curley’s hand? It gets crushed in Lennie's hand.

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Background to Of Mice and Men
On Wednesday you saw a video about the Dust Bowl in the 1930s. What was that?
We read page 6 of the Of Mice and Men reader, about the American Dream & Racism and Segregation.

Read the questions on page 7 (assignment 4) and find the answers in the text.

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Chapter four
Read chapter 4 (page 67 of pdf) by yourself and think about answers to these questions:
  1. Where is Crook’s room?
  2. Write down three things that are in Crook’s room.
  3. Why does Lennie go into the room?
  4. What did Crook’s old man used to own?
  5. How does Crooks scare Lennie?

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Chapter four
  1. Where is Crook’s room? It is inside the harness room.
  2. Write down three things that are in Crook’s room.
    several pairs of shoes, an alarm clock, books, spectacles.
  3. Why does Lennie go into the room? He wants to see the puppy and sees a light in the room
  4. What did Crook’s old man used to own? a chicken ranch.
  5. How does Crooks scare Lennie? He teases Lennie, telling him that George might not come back.

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Chapter four (2)
Answer the next questions  after reading chapter 4 (at home):
  1. What does Crooks think about Candy and Lennie’s dream at first?
  2. What was Curley’s wife's dream?
  3. What does she say to Crooks after he asked her to leave?
  4. Is George happy that Lennie and Candy have told Crooks about the dream?

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Grammar & Vocabulary Reader Period 2
  1. Adverbs & Adjectives
    Adverb = info about a verb = how?
     -ly or irregular
  2. Comparisons
    positive -> comparative -> superlative
    strong -> stronger -> strongest

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Final part this period: Past simple vs Present Perfect
Hoe vertaal je:

  • Ik woon al 10 jaar in Delft.
  • Ik heb 5 jaar in Frankrijk gewoond.

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Past simple vs Present Perfect
Ik woon al 10 jaar in Delft.
I have live in Delft for 10 years already.
= in verleden begonnen, maar niet afgelopen: present perfect

Ik heb 5 jaar in Frankrijk gewoond.
I lived in France for five years.
= verleden tijd, nu niet meer: past simple

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Present Perfect
Form: to have & past participle (voltooid deelwoord)
-ed or irregular (3e vorm)
have gone
has seen
have given
has started
have worked

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Present Perfect
  1. Something has started in the past and is still going on.
  2. Something has happened in the past and has an effect on the present.
  3. It is not important when something happened, so there is no indication of time.
Can you give examples of these uses?

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Past Simple
Something happened at a certain time in the past (last night, yesterday, a month ago, in 2005 etc.)
regular verb: -ed (worked, started, phoned, walked etc.)
irregular verb: 2e vorm (ran, drove, gave, went, was/were etc.)

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Let op: niet 2x verleden tijd! (did worked/didn't went)
did work/didn't go

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He ... here yesterday
has been
have been

Slide 20 - Quizvraag

He ... here since yesterday
has been
have been

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How long... that car?
have you had
have you

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His father...two years ago.
has died

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... (you ever to work) in Pakistan
Did you ever work
Has you ever worked
Have you ever worked
Did you ever worked

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Do exercises 11 - 19 of Grammar reader

Make sure you finish these exercises before the next lesson on Wednesday ( = homework)

Need help?
Find links to more theory and exercises in Classroom or
Ask your neighbour or your teacher.


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Vocab Kahoot
Let's test your knowledge of the vocabulary 
(Exam words: Business, Culture and Education)

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Slide 27 - Link

Name a historical theme
in Of Mice and Men.

Slide 28 - Open vraag

I know how and when to use
present perfect and past simple.
Yes, I'm sure I do
I think I do
I'm not sure. I need more help
I'm not sure. I need more practice.
I have no idea, since I have been sleeping or doing other things in class

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Read Chapter 4 of Of Mice and Men & answer the questions,
Finish Grammar exercises 11-19,
Study Exam Words: Law.

Next week: 
Reading skills with WaspReporter The Beagle Voyage.
& Chapter 5 Of Mice and Men.

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