Transect walk

Transect walk
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Transect walk

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Transect walk
  • What is transect walk
  • What can i use it for?
  • What information do i get out of it?
  • Example
  • Possible approach

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What is transect walk
Tool for describing and showing the location of distribution of resources, features, landscape, main land uses along a given transect.

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Why use transect walk?
  • Identification/explanation of problems in community like: abundance of resources
  • Learning about local technology and practices
  • Getting an overview of the available resources and the situation in the communities enviroment.

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What information does it give?
  • Natural resources
  • Presents land usage
  • Vegatation
  • Changes in the physical features and cropping systems
  • Public resources
  • Land use
  • Social differentation and mobility in urban communities

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Activity (10 min)
  1. In groups of 4 preferably with one dutch student
  2. Make a walk through the HvA and take notes
  3. Focus on describing: economic use of the area, natural landscape vs human intervention, enviromental health, services available for general public, quality of resources (water availability)
  4. Think of any problems the HvA community might face
  5. Back in class we will make a transect diagram based on your notes

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Were we clear enough on the instruction about transect walk?

Would you change anything about the activity?

Have you learned anything?

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