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English Quisine
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English Quisine

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To do:
1. Read for 20 minutes
2. Sheet about weird food
3. Watch video about weird 
4. Finish in LB: Grammar A
4. Do in LB: Reading E,  F

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  • This lesson is all about unusual dishes.
  • Do you know any weird foods that you eat? Name all the weird foods you have tried.
  • Have you ever eaten insects?

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Weird British Food (& their names)
So the British put Marmite or beans on their toast. 
If you think that sounds disgusting, follow me for a short tour on the weirdest soundest dishes served in the UK.

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Bangers and Mash
The term ‘bangers’ is said to date to the First World War, when meat supplies in Blighty were low and sausages were filled with all sorts of ingredients, leading to them exploding ...

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Bubble and Squeek
The name suggests your belly might make weird noises while eating it, but it’s actually the sounds made during the cooking of this potato and cabbage delicacy that gives bubble and squeak it’s name. 

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flies' cemetery
Pastry made out of fruit. With a filling made out of dried fruit.
Of course they are bound to attract flies. But no one really knows where the cemetery part comes from. If anything, it should be called 'a flies' feast'.

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Stargazy Pie
The name of this fish dish isn't even that weird. It's appearance will probably freak you out more. 
Traditional British but not very popular.

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Toad in the hole
Dishes like toad in the hole appeared as early as 1762.
Toad in the hole was originally created as a way to stretch out meat in poor households. Chefs therefore suggested using the cheapest meats in this dish.

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Meatballs. Everybody likes meatballs! Even with a weird name like Faggots. 
But Faggots are traditionally made out of minced pork liver, heart, fatty belly meat and wrapped in bacon. 

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Pigs in Blankets
Super tasty side dish! Pork sausages wrapped in bacon. Mainly eaten at Christmas with a traditional roast dinner.
The Americans have it too. But their blankets are made of bread...

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Spotted Dick
Perhaps the weirdest British food name of them all is Spotted Dick.
But you'll be eating a sponge cake, filled with (dried) fruit. And finished of with thick, creamy custard.

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What do Tarantulas taste like?

Slide 14 - Open vraag

What is the egg covered with?
sand and salt
sand, clay and sugar
ash and salt
clay, salt and ash

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Is it healthy to eat Casu Marzu?

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How long does it take to ferment the shark?
2 weeks
6-10 weeks
6-12 weeks
several months

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If you had to eat one of these dishes, which one would you eat?
Fried tarantula
Fermented egg
Casu Marzu (Italian cheese with larve)
Fermented shark

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Study vocabulary, useful sentences, tips for writing and grammar chapter 3

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