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Type your Zero conditional sentences

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If you__(drive) a car, you__(pollute) the air.

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If the Netherlands ___(win) the next World Cup, the whole country__(celebrate).

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1. Past condition/present result 
- The “if” part of the Third Conditional and the “main” part of the Second Conditional:  if-clause =>Past
Perfect Tense; Main clause => would and the main verb.

*There was a condition that could have been fulfilled in the past and that it bears a result in the present.
If I hadn’t missed my bus, I would be in France now.
If I had slept longer, I wouldn’t be tired now.

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2. Present condition/past result
The “main” part of the Third Conditional and the “if” part of the Second Conditional. If-clause => Past Simple Tense ; main clause=> would + have + third form
*A present condition, i.e. something that hasn’t changed from the past, to describe why a certain past result didn’t occur.
If I had more money, I would have gone to France.
If I slept longer, I would not have been too tired to go to class.

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