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Politics in the UK and the USA 
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Politics in the UK and the USA 

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Watch the video about politics
Afterwards, there will be several questions about the video that you have to answer.
(If you're smart...write down a few notes/keywords while you watch the video).

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In the UK they have a constitutional monarchy.

What does this mean?
The King is the most powerful person and the highest authority in the country.
The King, government and parliament all have (different amounts of) authority.
The Kin has no power at all and the government and parliament decide everything.

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Constitutional Monarchy
A constitutional monarchy is a form of constitutional government, where a hereditary monarch is the head of state, unlike in an absolute monarchy, wherein the king or the queen is the sole source of political power, as he or she is not legally bound by the constitution. 

The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy, where its succession to the British throne is hereditary, governed by the principle of male preference primogeniture, but excludes Roman Catholics or those who marry Roman Catholics. 

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The government is divided into three sections. Which three?
Executive, Legislature and Judiciary
the Cabinet, Law and Order
Justice, Legal and Defence.

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Who is the Prime Minister of the UK?
Rishi Sunak
Boris Johnson
Liz Truss
David Cameron

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Executive branch
= consisted of the Prime minister (Rishi Sunak) and the
    cabinet. Their job is to propose new laws.  

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What are the two main political parties in the UK?

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What is a law called before it is passed in Parliament?
a proposal
a fine
new legal pitch
a bill

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The next part of government is Legislature. What are the two houses of Parliament called?
The first chamber and the second chamber
the House of Commons and the House of Lords
The House of Bills and the House of Laws

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Houses of Parliament
--> House of Commons: Members are publicly elected. 
--> House of Lords: Members are appointed by the King on the advice of the Prime Minister

The business of Parliament takes place in these two houses. Their work is similar: making laws (legislation), checking the work of the government , and debating current issues. Generally, the decisions made in one House have to be approved by the other. This way they keep each other in check.

In this way the two-chamber system acts as a check and balance for both Houses.

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Dutch Politics
British politics

head of state and church
Prime Minister

head of government
American politics

head of state
head of government

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Dutch Politics
British politics
House of Commons
650 MPs (members of parliament)Elected by the people from a district

House of Lords
Appointed by the King on the advice of the prime minister.
American politics
House of Representatives
435 seats
Elected by the people from a district
100 seats
Elected by the people from a state
British politics

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How many political parties are in the American Congress?

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What are the names of those 2 political parties?

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How do the elections work?

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What were the two main things the Founding Fathers were concerned about?

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What is an elector?

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What is the number of electors in a state based on?

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How many electors does a presidential candidate need in order to become president?

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What are swing states?

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What is the popular vote?

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