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Exercise 1 & 2
Task: describe a meal
Task: eating out

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After this lesson you should be able to:
-talk about the tastes and textures of food 
-read a menu and decide what you want to eat 

After this lesson you should know the meaning of the following words
spicy – mild – bland - salty – sugary – savoury -sour – bitter – tasty/ tasteless – make a reservation – starter – main course – side dish - pudding

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Exercise 1: Listening
Watch the video about Americans who try Dutch sweets for the first time and fill in the table.

-which sweets they are tasting
- do they like or dislike it in general
-write down 2 or 3 characteristics of the sweets that are mentioned.

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tastes and textures

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Tastes and Textures

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Exercise 2B
What:  taste and describe the tastes and textures of food. 

How:  in pairs. Decide who starts with tasting. While you are tasting, describe the tastes and textures of the food. Your partner writes down the textures and tastes you are describing.


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Task: Describe a Meal

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Task: Eating Out

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Finish the Tasks (the written part) and add it to your online portfolio, so that I can check it.

You should be able to present  your tasks in class on 5 April.

Extra Practice: Vocabulary in Use - Unit Food
                                                                          Exercise 1 & 2

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