BS 1 - Blood

Today's lesson
Start ch3: the circulatory system
- What is the circulatory system?
- §3.1 Blood and its parts

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Today's lesson
Start ch3: the circulatory system
- What is the circulatory system?
- §3.1 Blood and its parts

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What does circulation mean? Ex. A teacher circulates the room answering the students questions.
To move around.
To move in a circle.
To move backwards.
To move up and down.

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The circulatory system

A system of tubes that moves substances around your body. 

The heart muscle powers this movement.

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What moves around in your body via the circulatory system?
cells, tissues, organs
eyes, ears, stomach
blood, food, oxygen
blood, nutrients, oxygen, CO2

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Blood - What comes to mind?

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What do we know already?
  • Unit 1: Blood carries oxygen & CO2
  • Unit 2: Blood carries nutrients

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  • Function: Blood transports everything your body needs
  • Ex. heat, nutrients, oxygen, CO2, waste products
  • Blood contains:
  1. Plasma: plasma proteins (ex. fibrinogen), water, dissolved substances 
  2. Solids: red and white blood cells, platelets

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What is blood?

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Red blood cells
  • Small round discs
  • No nucleus
  • Red pigment: haemoglobin
  • Function: absorb and release oxygen

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White blood cells
  •  Function: destroy pathogens (bacteria) 
  • Do have a nucleus
  • No fixed shape
  • Can squeeze through openings

Pus: Dead WBC and the bacteria they killed

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  • Not cells 
  • Broken parts of cells
  • Function: clotting 
Clotting inside blood vessels is called thrombosis

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Read 3.1 Blood
Make assignment 1 -4 and 6 - 9

Not finished? Homework!


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What is the function of the red blood cell (RBC)?

Slide 14 - Open vraag

Why do we have white blood cells?
To protect us from suffocating
To protect us from bleeding out
To protect us from the cold
To protect us from pathogens

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Recap - what was the lesson about?
1. The circulatory system
2. Blood and it's parts
         - red blood cells
         - blood plasma
         - white blood cells

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What did you learn today?

Slide 17 - Open vraag

What questions do you still have about blood?

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Read 3.1 Blood
Make 1 t/m 4 & 5 t/m 9
 Extra: 10

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