Section 2.3 EHS , Identifying training needs

2.3 Identifying training needs
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2.3 Identifying training needs

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Learning Objectives
1. To know about training sessions for an emergency
2. workbook activities
3. Meaning of Consulting

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What did you learn in the last Class ?

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What is the use of Defribilator?
To help running
To help sleeping
To help Breathing

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Write the examples of medical emergency equipments

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What you will do with the help of Oximeter ?

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Fire Equipments

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Medical Equipments

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Identifying Training Needs
Emergency equipment and procedures will only help to mitigate risks if workers know how to use the equipment and what the procedures are.

 It is important to train them regularly on evacuations, using the first aid kit and using basic fire safety equipment.

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Training sessions
Training sessions are a good way to practice procedures and how to use equipment.

 You can practice an evacuation, look at a first aid kit, pretend using a fire extinguisher and practice reading evacuation maps. 

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What is Consulting 
You can consult with employees to learn how confident they are about the emergency procedures and equipment. You can meet with them and ask them questions.

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What is Consulting
Paying Money
Asking information

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Do you think training is important for emergency ? Why ?

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You can give employees surveys to test how well they know the emergency procedures and how to use emergency equipment. 

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WHat is Survey ?
Asking questions
Asking opinion

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Let us see now Training Providers for an Emergency 

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Which department provides training for an Emergency ?
1. First Aid department
2. Evacuation department
3. Lockdown Department
4. Emergency Planning department

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Who provides training ?
1. Workplace Manager
2. Workplace Safety Expert
3. First Aid Provider

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WHo provides Training

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Which departments provides emergency training?

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Liaising with Emergency Agencies
It is important to work with emergency agencies that can help in emergency events.
Liaising with them can include:
• Providing them information about emergency events
• Planning an ERP for a new workplace
• Reviewing and updating an ERP

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What is LIAISING ?

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Liaising Procedures
• be honest when answering their questions.
• give as much information as you can.
• listen carefully to understand the information they give.
• consider their suggestions and action them.
• seek their help when needed.

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Which one is the liaising procedure?
Be honest
Listen carefully
Seek help
All of the above

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