Grips - adverbs, adjectives

Adjectives & Adverbs
Demi Derks
Ian van de Laarschot
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Adjectives & Adverbs
Demi Derks
Ian van de Laarschot

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Adjectives would be *bijvoeglijk naamwoord* in Dutch

We use adjectives when:
  • We use adjectives to describe a noun
  • We use adjectives to give extra information about the object we are talking about

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  • Jack wears a red bandana
  • Jack has a golden tooth
  • The beautiful ship is called the Black Pearl
  • One of the crew members has got a glass eye
  • Another one always carries a talking parrot
  • The barking dog is being followed by the hungry cannibals

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Adverbs would be *bijwoord* in Dutch.

We use adverbs to answer the following questions:
  • When
  • Where
  • How
  • To what extent

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Where & When
  • Jack went to Cannibal Island.
  • The crew was onboard of the ship.

  • Jack went to Cannibal Island yesterday
  • The rest of the crew arrived later.

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How & to what extent
  • Jack behaved very stupidly.
  • The crew carefully kept out of sight.

To what extent?
  • Jack was almost killed.
  • The crew was very worried.

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What is long in the following sentence?

Jacks has long hair

Long is an adjective
Long is an adverb

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What is very in the following sentence

The parrot is very smart.
Very is an adjective
Very is an adverb

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Message in a bottle
You and your best friend, who lives on the Caribbean Islands, are sneding messages in a bottle back and forth and you are convincing her to watch the new Pirates movie.
  • Describe one of the following characters to your friend using 

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