Unit 17 finish - 1HA1 June 14th

June 14th - 1HA1
What do you need:
Your book
'PREPARE' notebook
A pen

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June 14th - 1HA1
What do you need:
Your book
'PREPARE' notebook
A pen

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Plan: Newsround + listening

At the end of the lesson:
- I know 2 things that are going on in the UK
- I can do a listening exercise with multiple choice questions

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Do: reading ex. 2-4 and vocab ex. 1-3 on pg. 100
Study: words unit 17 (emotions)

We will check: reading 2 and vocab 2

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We are going to watch today's Newsround. For each topic (unless they're just 5 seconds or so), write down a couple of words to summarize what the topic is about.

Which differences do you see between
the Netherlands and the UK in this video?

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11 min- 09:22
1 min uitleg
+/- 8 min newsround
2 min bespreken
Unit 17 -Listening - pg. 101
Listening ex. 1: what do you see in the pictures?

Listening ex 2: Listen and answer the questions (3 min) we can listen twice if necessary

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10 min- 09:32
Samen opdr 1 doen - 2 min
Listening - max 6 min
discuss - 1-2 min

Max 10 min
On your test
Vocab unit 17, 19 p. 145/146 - You are able to use the vocabulary
Grammar reflexive pronouns: p. 163 - You can use reflexive pronouns correctly. 

Grammar Present simple passive + present simple: p. 165 + p. 147 + NOTES in your notebook! - You can use the present simple passive and the present simple.
Reading texts - You are able to understand texts and you are able to answer questions about the content. 

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until 09:11
Use online book

4 min
Handout unit 17/19
Usually, I write it. This time, we will do so together.
Basically: we are going to recap the grammar, and translate it to Dutch.

If you don't want to, you can do Unit 18 Vocabulary and Reading 102. Ex. 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7
Who wants to make the hand-out? Who wants to do Unit 18?

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until: 09:45
Read the text: 3 min
Discuss the words: 2 min

Reading and vocab
What: do reading ex. 2-4  and vocab ex. 1-3 on pg. 100
How: you may work together on whisper level
Help: the text, your notes, each other, teacher
Time: 10 minutes
Done: Do the speaking ex. on pg. 101 in pairs
Outcome: This is homework

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until 09:45
10 min to do the assignments

Homework Monday
Study the grammar.

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Raise your hand if it's true for you
- I know 2 things that are going on in the UK
- I can name 10 emotions
- I can match questions to paragraphs with answers

What will you remember about this lesson? Or what did you learn?

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4-5 min ask answers these

No tidying up until I am finished rounding up the goals.