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Business Plan Project
Pages 98-99

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Describe the company description
Analyze the product and service plan
Discuss the aspects of a product and service plan

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Find a company description of two companies and compare them.

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In pairs work
together to read the descriptions and list strengths as well as areas that could be improved

Slide 6 - Woordweb

A general overview of your company as well as who you are as a business owner.
Company Name
Company Description
Service plan

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Android Tab

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Describe the products features and benefits.
What are some similar or competing products?
How has the company designed this product to be
better/different than its competitors’ products?

Slide 10 - Open vraag

What outlines your product or service, why it's needed by your market, and how it will compete with other businesses selling the same or similar products and services
Product and service plan
Product plan
Service Plan
Company description

Slide 11 - Quizvraag

Activity 3
 Select a kind
of product or service with which everyone shares 
a level of interest and familiarity .Identify the purpose of the product or service you like. Now list all the possible shapes, colors, formats, features, and benefits that the product or service might have.

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Answer here

Slide 13 - Woordweb

What, in your opinion, is the best product or service
in this particular market? How is it better than its competitors?

Slide 14 - Open vraag

Give picture of a product you like or would like to start business of.

Slide 15 - Open vraag

Give an idea about your company description and product and service plan.

Slide 16 - Open vraag

Give important points of lesson.

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