Sexual diversity

Sexual diversity
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Sexual diversity

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Learning objectives
  • Describe the difference between sex, gender and sexual orientation
  • Describe the role of society on gender roles

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Describe the difference between sex and gender in your own words

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Explain the difference between transgender and drag

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Marleen is intersex. What do you already know about that?

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Do you feel there are disadvantages to being intersex? If so, what do you feel is the biggest disadvantage?

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As a society we associate particular things with the different gender. You can also say we have particular expectations. Please give some examples of these associations we have with males and females.

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Give another example of a word that is link to gender and gender roles like ladylike and manspreading

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In ancient Greece men used to wear robes, in the West blue used to be associated with girls and only rich men used to wear heels. How is decided what is 'masculine' or 'feminine' and why can it change?

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What different kinds of sexual orientation do you know?

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What are possible reasons for somebody to not come out of the closet?

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What if you would find yourself being attracted to people of the same sex, would you have people around you that you could share that with? Would you feel comfortable sharing this?

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What if your best friend is attracted to people of the same sex, do you feel it would be safe for them to share that in your class/in our school?

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More interesting sources
If you are interested in more information:
- There are some more videos at the end of the lessonup
- Sexual orientation: COC website, GSA website

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Complete this lessonup

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