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Formal letter
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Formal letter

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What are we learning today?
Write a formal letter for an internship abroad on A2/B1 CEFR level of English.

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To whom do we write a formal letter?
your own mother
your bestfriend
internship/job application
future colleague

Slide 4 - Quizvraag

Which of the following would be a suitable greeting?
Dear sir/madam
Dear Mr Hopkins
Hi Yasmin

Slide 5 - Quizvraag

___ letters are letters to people who we don’t know on a personal level.


Slide 6 - Quizvraag

It's time to analyze one example of a formal letter and one example of an informal letter in pairs

Slide 7 - Tekstslide

  1. Analyze the formal and informal letters in pairs. 
  2. Look at the layout of both letters.
  3. Pay attention to the language use in each letter. 
  4. What do you notice about the sentence strucutres in both letters?
Which letter do you think is better and be prepared to answer this question in class.

Slide 8 - Tekstslide

What did you notice in the formal letter and what did you notice in the informal letter? Explain the differences in at least one sentence

Slide 9 - Open vraag

What am I looking for today?
SC: Learners are able to use the correct format of a formal letter in English
SC: Learners are able to introduce themselves using the present simple correctly, and also writing about the given topic in English
SC: Learners are able to write formally (use formal language) and use the correct sentence structure (SVO) in English
SC: Learners are able to formulate their needs/request and conclude their formal letter correctly.

Slide 10 - Tekstslide

What now?
  1. Please, look at the informal letter again.
  2. What improvements could be made in order to transfer this informal letter into a more formal letter?
  3. Take the previous points into consideration when carrying out this task.

Slide 11 - Tekstslide

Thus, what could be changed in the informal letter to make it more formal? Give clear examples!

Slide 12 - Open vraag

Start writing your own formal letter
Write your own formal letter individually.
Finished? Please, upload your formal letter to padlet. 
Provide your classmate with feedback using the peer feedback form.
Upload the peer feedback form to padlet!
Check the given feedback and change your formal letter.

Slide 13 - Tekstslide

Task internship abroad
  1. You are going abroad to work as an intern in any company you like.
  2. Write a letter to the head of the company you wish to follow your internship at.
  3. 100 - 150 words 
  4. Introduce yourself in English.
  5. Explain your skills and explain why they should accept your internship application.
  6. Ask a question to the manager of the company.
  7. Conclude your formal letter in a nice manner

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Link to Padlet 
Upload your formal letter + peer feedback form via this link:

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Exit Card:
1. Three things I learned today
2. Two things I liked
3. One thing I didn't like

Slide 16 - Open vraag

That's it for today!

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