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Activity plan access

Please can you all spend a minute opening your google drives and allowing me access to edit your activity plans from your core skills session please .
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Activity plan access

Please can you all spend a minute opening your google drives and allowing me access to edit your activity plans from your core skills session please .

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Element 1 - Wider context 
T - Levels in Education and Early Year s
Session 6 

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Session objectives
By the end of the session all learners will be able to:
  1. Engage in recap and recall using a question and answer approach. 
  2. Explore in detail specialist professionals who can be found to work in the education sector. 
  3. Continue the completion of revision resources.

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At what age will a pre - school usually accept children?

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Can you summarise 1 key point from The Education and Skills Act 2008? (Click the help button)

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Describe the difference between a maintained school and a private school? (click the help button)

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An Early Years Practitioner holds what level qualification?
Level 1
Level 3
Level 2
Level 6
Level 5

Slide 7 - Poll

Who is a regulator for education?
A headteacher 
Office For Students 
Early Years Educator

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Special Educational needs and disabilities co-ordinator (SENco)
  • All Early Years provisions and educational provisions will have a SENco, in colleges and Universities they may be known as learning support. 
  • The SENco is responsible for working in partnership with parents, teachers and EYE to provide support for children who may have a specific learning or medical need. 
  • The intention of working together is to ensure the individuals needs are met and they are comfortable.
  • Providing correct resources and reasonable adjustments is provided in like with the Special Educational Needs code of practice (2015).
SEND Code of Practice (2015)

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SENco in Early Years?
  •  In an Early Years setting a SENCO can be a qualified member of staff who has experience in their job role. 
  • Sometimes they are required to complete an additional qualification at either level 2, level 3 or level 4 National award for SEN to ensure they are able to manage the requirements on a SENCO correctly. 
  • In a school the class teacher may also be the SENCO. This means they must hold a QTS (Qualified teacher status).

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Designated Safeguarding officer / Lead
It is the responsibility of all to safeguard children, babies and young people, in line with "Working together to safeguard children 2018".
However all educational provisions will have a safeguarding officer or safeguarding lead in line with the "Children's Act 2004".
Having a named member of staff in setting means there is a professional supporting staff and student in ensuring safeguarding requirements are met in any provision. 
They often support staff in recognising and responding to any safeguarding concern they may have and the correct procedure to follow. 
Safeguarding means.....
  1. protecting children from abuse and maltreatment
  2. preventing harm to children’s health or development
  3. ensuring children grow up with the provision of safe and effective care
  4. taking action to enable all children and young people to have the best outcomes.

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Mental Health Lead
  • It is a current Government initiative to ensure all educational provisions have a mental health lead by 2025. 
  • This is someone who is responsible for support the mental and emotional health of children and young people. 
  • A Mental health lead will support families and academic staff as well as the child or young person in question. They provide strategies and approaches to promote positive well being. 

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Mentor / Pastoral support
A mentor supports staff to develop confidence in a specific field, for example: supporting newly qualified staff member in Early Years. A mentor is someone who is experienced in a specific industry and they are then happy to support someone new to the job role by providing support and guidance.  When in placement your class teacher may be your mentor in placement.
Pastoral support for children and young people is concerned with the individuals overall health, welfare and wellbeing. This is someone you can go to, seek support and guidance for ay concerns you may have. 

Who is your pastoral support?

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Leanne !!! 
A part of Leanne's job role is to provide pastoral support to all students. 

This is only 1 part of her job role but she is always on hand to ensure you are ok. 

When you see Leanne next give her a high 5 for everything she does for all students. 

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Physical activity and nutrition coordinator (PANco)
A PANco is a level 4 qualified member of staff in this specialist role 'Advanced practitioner.'

You must have achieved the nationally accredited and recognised Level 4 Certificate in promoting health and well-being through physical activity and nutrition co-ordination.

Focusing on supporting children manage their overall health and well being. 
Considering obesity and malnutrition. 

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A counsellor will support and guide students of all age ranges with a broad range of issues around welfare and their overall wellbeing, this is known as specialist intervention.
Counselling can be available in many different shapes and forms and can share a range of titles. 
Educational psychologist - when children and young people need support with their learning need and can provide social and emotional guidance. 
Child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) - offers specialist support for children and young people struggling with social, emotional and behaviour difficulties. This could range from eating disorders to attempted self harm. 

A counsellor will need training in BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).

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Careers Advisor 
A careers advisor is normally available in all educational facilities to help guide students in making the correct qualification and career choices. They provide an insight in to different fields and help you explore your options. 
This can include different study programmes, qualifications both vocational and academic or apprenticeships. 
There is no set entry requirements for a careers advisor however experience of working in the sector is required.
For example: Experience support young people aged 16 - 18 Years. 

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What are the entry
requirements (qualifications)
for being SENCO?

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Element 1 

YAY ! :-)

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