Lesson 1 - Writing an informal email

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What will you learn?

In the coming lessons you will learn how to write an informal email.

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What do you already know about writing an informal email?

Write down as many words as you can.

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What do you expect to learn in the coming lessons about writing an informal email?

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Today, we are learning to...
... put the different elements of an informal email in the correct order.

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An informal email is sent to...
A (new) friend, someone younger or of your own age.
A business or someone older than you.

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An email to a new friend

Put the parts of an email to a friend in the correct order.

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Hi Marco,
Best wishes,

I live far from school, so every day I take the bus to school. In my spare time I like to play sports. My best friends are Sami and Dennis and we’re in the same class. We often play football after school. 

Nice to meet you! My name is Nathan. 
Subject: Hi :)
Write soon and tell me about yourself!

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Noem een manier waarop je een informele email kunt beginnen.

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Op welke manier kun je jouw email afsluiten (vóór de afsluitende groet)?

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Wat moet je niet vergeten op het einde?

Slide 12 - Open vraag

Fill in the email address. 
Give your email a subject. Keep it short and simple!
Opening greeting. Use one of the options for an informal email:
  • Hello [name],
  • Hi [name],
Introduction and reason for writing. For example:
  • Nice to meet you! 
  • How are you?
Body of email
Closing of email. For an informal email you can use:
  • Write soon
  • I hope to hear from you soon!
  • I look forward to your next email
Closing greeting and your name. For an informal email you can use:
  • Best,
  • Best wishes,
  • Love,
Leave a space after your greeting and then write your name.
To summarise...
  • Een email bestaat uit vaste onderdelen. 
  • Aan de rechterkant kun je teruglezen welke elementen in een informele email horen.

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What I'm Looking For...

In de volgende opdracht in Teams ga je zelf een email schrijven. Hierbij let je op de volgende punten:

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