Lesson2- ambition

Lesson 2: ambition
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Lesson 2: ambition

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Lesson topics
How does Shakespeare use the problem of ambition in his plays?
- MacBeth: good and evil, choices in life
- Julius Caesar: when a bad deed is for the good

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Define ‘Ambition’. What does ambition look like?

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What are your ambitions?

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Listen to the song on the next slide

You can read along with the lyrics in the handout

What is the song about?
In which sentences have you found this?

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Back to Shakespeare...
Read act 1 scene 7 in your handout

What is going on? 
What do you think of the choice MacBeth has to make?
What would you do?

Theme: how far do you go before you 'lose yourself?'

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What is MacBeth about?
Watch the video. Tip: write along to get a summary of the plot

  • Describe the following characters in your own words: MacBeth, Lady MacBeth, Duncan, Banquo
  • Each has ambitions. Do they have the power to make their ambition happen? Are they good or bad?
(you can use the character sheet in the handouts to help you)

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Types of ambition
Let's look a bit closer at what we just discussed

Read the two other fragments on your handout (act 1 scene 3 and 5)
  • what happened?
  • how does MacBeth’s ambition develop? 
  • how do you feel about this? 

act1 scene 5
Witches prophecy
the bit that goes before the speech in your handout

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Compare: Julius Caesar
In Julius Caesar we find another man who wants to be king: Brutus.  He, too, has long monologues as to why he should or shouldn’t kill Caesar. Read the speech in the handout
  • What are his motives?
  • Are his motives better or worse than MacBeth’s?
  • Why?

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Discussion: types of ambition
How do these plays describe ambition? Use these four questions 
  • Is chasing your ambition always good?
  • And where do you stop?
  • If Macbeth believed he was fated to have the crown, can he be credited (or blamed) with ambition in trying to gain it?
  • Who made the better choice: McB or Brutus?

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