Lesson 11 - Unit 3 - Maritime climate

Unit 3 - weather patterns
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Unit 3 - weather patterns

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Today's Lesson 
To do:

-Review weather elements
-Review homework
- Task: maritime climate 

Know what climate type the Netherlands has

Know what the characteristics of a Maritime climate are.

Understand what influence the ocean has on our climate.

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Most common wind 
direction in NL:


If you want to find out what the actual wind direction is, you ALWAYS have to check where the wind is coming from

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The North Sea has big influence on our weather.

That is why we have a 

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The ocean/sea 
needs a lot of
time to warm up/cool 
down because of its volume.

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Winter in Netherlands : if wind comes from the ocean it is a warm wind. (no extreme winters)

Summer in Netherlands : if wind comes from the ocean it is a  cool wind. (no extreme summers)

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Where to find maritime climates?

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A climate graph:

showing average precipitation and temperature

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Do: task Maritime climate

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