Population and development

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Population and development
- How do they relate to each other?
-> how does the development influence the age structure of a country?
-> how does the age structure of a country influence the development?

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Which relation do you see on these two maps? 

The ... the ...

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Which relation did you see on the two maps?

The lower the .... the ...

Slide 4 - Open vraag

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Population graphs

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Population graphs

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Population graphs
Which of these countries has the best age structure for economic development?

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Kameroen, because they have the youngest population.
China, because at this moment, most people are between 20-65 years old.
France, because their population is very stable.

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Why does China want couples to have more children?

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= Worker population ratio

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- Prepare for the presentation of next Thursday

- Work on the week task. You can use this presentation. It is attached to the week task. 

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