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Book task instructions
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Book task instructions

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Book task - phases
  1. Read the book & fill in the knowledge organizer (individual task)
  2. Pick scenes for your movie (in groups - Friday 02-10)
  3. Write the script for your scene (individual task)
  4. Record all scenes
  5. Show video in class

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What will you be graded on?
Knowledge organizer: pass or fail (individual)

Script: grade - see description (individual)

Speaking / acting
Video (group grade)
Speaking (individually graded)

Content / Book video is added and split by 2 to
get to your grade.
(must be updated on OneDrive regularly and completed on Oct 9th

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Book task - phases
Read the book & fill in the knowledge organizer
Deadline knowledge organizer for full points: Tuesday 06-10 BEFORE class (in OneDrive!)

Pick scenes for your movie
Write the script for your scene - Deadline Friday 09-10 (in Opdrachten in Magister!)

At a later time:
Record all scenes
Edit movie
Show video in class
Deadline: Friday 06-11

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Writing a script
Sit in your groups and determine who will write what scene in the book, use the document "script preparation - groups" in your homework for today (Magister)

Download the document "Script writing task 2020",
read it carefully and get to work, remember what you will
be graded on when writing your script:
To be handed in on Magister in "Opdrachten" on Friday

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In class today:
Work on / finish your script: deadline: tonight before 23:30

Plan when you will film your book video (deadline Friday 06-11)

Study for the final test:

Unit 1
Grammar:  Present Simple / Present Continuous / Present Perfect (not: present perfect continuous)
Future: will & be going to

Vocab:  Vocabulary unit 1 & Irregular verbs

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Book movie lesson
Before we start answer the questions on the next slides

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Have you finished & sent in your script?

Slide 8 - Quizvraag

How is the collaboration (samenwerking) in your group going? Is there anything I (your teacher) can help you with?

Slide 9 - Open vraag

Book video time
You now have time to work on:

  1. Split up the roles in your movie
  2. Plan WHEN /WHERE / WHAT / WHO to film
  3. Film a scene in the cafeteria (aula) or outside (on school grounds)
  4. Edit any film material you already have
  5. Record voice-overs

Everybody in your group needs to be visible on screen & have speaking time!
Your film should be 2 mins per scene.

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