week 4.1 Tourist Guide

week 4.1
Tourist Guide Project
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week 4.1
Tourist Guide Project

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project Tourist Guide

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Project Tourist Guide
together make Tourist Guide
about Great Britain

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during this project:
- you read and listen to authentic English material
- you write an article in English
- you give a presentation
- you learn about Great Britain
- you learn to find information, select information and use it for your own good

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Project Tourist Guide
- use all skills
- reading and listening
- writing and speaking

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week 1 and 2: look for information (texts and videos)
week 3 and 4: order your information in order to write an article
week 5: write an article about your place
week 6: prepare your presentation
week 7: give a presentation about your place

all weeks: work on Can Do Online and taaldossier-assignments

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- every week hand in your work on Cum Laude
- grades for writing, speaking and effort
- all information to be found on Cum Laude (studieroute Engels)
- everyone does their own place
- work on it during English class
- and don't forget Can Do Online and taaldossier

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your place to explore
- in the Word document I'm going to send you

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- planning
- what to do
- how to do it

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Cum Laude - studieroute Engels
- assigment
- rubric
- worksheet to use during search
- place to hand in your assigments every week!

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Tourist Guide - what
together we'll make a Tourist Guide for GB

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Tourist Guide - how?
- look for information on the internet (webpages, youtube, etc)
- use real information
- write a page/chapter for a Tourist Guide
- present your place

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Tourist Guide - help
- all the information you need is on the internet
- questions ask me (mail, start of each lesson)

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Tourist Guide - time
- work on it each lesson during term 4: 90 min per week
- planning what to do each week is in the document

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Tourist Guide - outcome
- you will have written an article in English (at least 750 words)
- you will have give a presentation (at least 3 minutes)
- you will have read and listened to real English texts
- you will have learned to find information and use it
- you will have learned about Great Britain

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Tourist Guide - ready
- work on Can Do Online and Taaldossier
- it all has be ready by the end of this term
- 2 deadlines in the planning (writing and presentation)

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Tourist Guide  - grades
- there is a rubric telling you how you will be graded
- on Cum Laude, Studieroute Engels, periode 4
- grades for writing, speaking and effort

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Let's get to work
and enjoy!

when your ready the summerholidays are there...

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