Sensitive souls

Sensitive souls (pg 24 -25) 
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Sensitive souls (pg 24 -25) 

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What is animal sentience?
The ability to communicate with humans
The ability to feel, perceive, or experience
The ability to fly
The ability to change colors

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Why is animal sentience important for animal rights?
It affects their ability to perform tricks
It determines their favorite color
It influences how animals should be treated
It impacts their hunting skills

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What is the current status of animal rights laws?
Only applicable to domestic animals
Universal and consistent worldwide
Varies by country and region

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The Netherlands maintains strong animal welfare laws, prohibiting practices such as fur farming and circus performances with wild animals. Enforcement is rigorous, overseen by organizations like the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals. Public awareness is high, driving ongoing advocacy and improvements in animal rights standards.

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Why do debates about the human-like attributes of animals miss the point, according to the text? 

Define the term "sentient beings". 

Which species were included into the British sentience bill after the review led by Jonathan Birch? 

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Why is there still so much prejudice regarding legally enforced rights of animals? 

Give examples of some theories contributing to human prejudice and exceptionalism as mentioned in the text.
(Aristotle, Descartes, Skinner versus Darwin)  

Is there any fundamental difference of mind that makes humans special? 

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How does philosopher Dennett view sentience? Where are the limits of sentience, according to him? 

Why is the question if other animals are conscious so controversial?  

How is the criterion of experiencing physical or emotional pain related to animal welfare? Give concrete examples how this issue impacts animal rights. 

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Why should anthropomorphic perspective be avoided in debates about animal rights? Mention the example of octopuses. 

Why is the notion of rights called 'anthropocentric' in the text? 

What is the Great Ape Project? 

What should be the main concern of humans related to animal welfare?

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