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Welcome to English class

Your teacher:
Mrs. Saaltink 
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Welcome to English class

Your teacher:
Mrs. Saaltink 

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Get a book
Read a book from the cupboard. 
You read in silence. 

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This lesson
Talk about area 51
Look at the video
Read the text and answer the questions in pairs

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Practise sentences
Learn about area 51 by reading, watching and writing

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Week 38

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Slide 6 - Video

Area 51
Area 51 is perhaps one of the most secure and protected places on earth. My name is Govert Sweep and in this series I will travel to the USA to reveal the secret behind this place. This is storming Area 51. This is the way Ties Granzier (20) and Govert Sweep (21) wanted to start a series for their youtube channel. They tried to get into Area 51 on the tenth of September when they got arrested. 

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Vloggers do a lot of different things in their videos.  Sometimes even dangerous things. 
How do you feel about this? 


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Why do youtubers use extreme stuff in their videos and how do you feel about this?

Slide 9 - Open vraag

What happens if one million people actually stormed Area 51?

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Slide 11 - Video

Read the text 
Read the text and answer the questions in Dutch. 
Work together! 

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These are your options:
  1. Quizlet (study the words, stones or grammar)
  2. Stercollectie (VO content) 
  3. Duolingo
  4. Slim stampen (ss online)
  5. Read a book from the cupboard

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Slide 14 - Video

Well done!

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