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What are we going to do today?

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What are we going to do today?


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Voor de toets:
  1. Weten hoe je vragen moet maken.
  2. Weten hoe je ontkenningen moet maken.
  3. Persoonlijke voornaamwoorden.

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Vragen maken
Drie stappen!

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Vragen maken - stap 1

Vorm van "to be":
I am
You are
He / she / it is
We are
You are
They are
Put the form of "to be" in front:
  • I am sick.
-->           Am I sick?
  • She is happy.
-->           Is she happy?

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Stap 2: helping verbs

Can                            Shall
Could                       (have)

He can sing.
--> Can he sing?

My mother will help you.
--> Will my mother help you?

I have finished my work.
--> Have I finished my work?

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Stap 3: do / does

Geen helping verb?
Geen vorm van "to be"?

Dan "do" of "does" gebruiken!
She loves dogs.
--> Does she love dogs?
They play soccer.
--> Do they play soccer?
My husband likes working.
--> Does my husband like working?
We laugh very hard.
--> Do we laugh very hard?

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Deze stappen kunnen we ook gebruiken voor het maken van ontkenningen!

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Stap 1: vorm van "to be"

Bij de vorm van "to be" (I am, you are, he/she/it is, we are, you are, they are):
Put "not" after the form of "to be".
I am sick.
--> I am not sick.

He is happy.
--> He is not happy.

We are studying.
--> We are not studying.

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Stap 2: helping verbs:
Put "not" after helping verb.
Can                         Shall
Could                     (have)
He can sing.
--> He can not sing.

They should help me.
--> They should not help me.

I have finished my work.
--> I have not finished my work.

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Stap 3: Correcte vorm van do of does

Add "do not/does not" after the verb.

Do: I, you, we, they
Does: he, she, it
She loves dogs.
--> She does not love dogs.

They play soccer.
--> They do not play soccer.

I think out loud.
--> I do not think out loud.

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Now make the work sheets.

This is homework for tomorrow.

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