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Welcome to Unit 5 - lesson 2

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Welcome to Unit 5 - lesson 2

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  • Any questions about the The Lego House text?
  • Theory and exercises on Past Simple
  • Types of homes vocabulary.
  • Time left? Come and ask for a speaking assignment

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Past Simple
Afgesloten actie uit het verleden -> het is niet meer bezig
Signaal woorden
Last Friday/weekend/year, etc; yesterday; a second/minute/day/week ago / in 2019, etc.
werkwoord + -ed
I talked/she laughed/we watched

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Past Simple spellingsregels
Werkwoord eindigt in -e
(use, like, live, etc)
Voeg alleen een -d toe:
used, liked, lived
Kort werkwoord eindigt in medeklinker-klinker-medeklinker (plan, stop, beg, etc.)
Verdubbel de laatste medeklinker  + -ed
planned, stopped, begged
Werkwoord eindigt in klinker + y
(play, stay, enjoy)
Voeg -ed toe:
played, stayed, enjoyed
Werkwoord eindigt in medeklinker + y (try, cry, marry)
Verander de 'y' in 'ie' en voeg -d toe: tried, cried, married

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Take notes of the grammar in the next slides!

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Past simple rules
Something that happened in the past.

Usually add -ed

For example:
wanted, started, worked, asked

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Past simple rules
If the verb/werkwoord ends in -e, just add  'd'

use = used
decide = decided
live = lived

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Past simple rules
With short verbs/werkwoorden, double letters when there is only one vowel (klinker) before the last letter.

plan = planned
stop = stopped

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Past simple rules

vowel/klinker + y 
stay = stayed

consonant/medeklinker + y
try = tried

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Make example sentences in the Past Simple
Use your new knowledge to make 5 example sentences in the Past Simple. Give the verb a different colour. Include your sentences in your notes, please!

For example:
Last Saturday I watched "Wie is de Mol" on television.

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Take a picture of your notes and upload them here, please.

Slide 11 - Open vraag

double letter -ed

Slide 12 - Sleepvraag

You are now going to do exercise 2 from p 50 of your (pdf) book. You can answer the questions on the next slides.

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Complete the sentences with the past simple.

When my grandad was young, he played with LEGO all the time (play).

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1. We ________ (start) to paint our house last month , and we ________ (finish) yesterday.
Note down a comma between the 2 verbs.

Slide 15 - Open vraag

2. She ______ (decide) to change her bedroom , so she _____ (paint) the walls pink .

Slide 16 - Open vraag

3. We ________ (try) to find another house last year because we ________ (want) to move.

Slide 17 - Open vraag

4. I _______ (visit) my aunt because she _____ (want) to show me her flat.

Slide 18 - Open vraag

5. My parents _______ (study) lots of ideas for a new kitchen before they ______ (order) it.

Slide 19 - Open vraag

6. On my last holiday, I _____ (stay) with my grandparents and ____ (help) them tidy up the garden.

Slide 20 - Open vraag

7. Last weekend Jack _____ (plan) to organise his room but he _______ (watch) TV instead.

Slide 21 - Open vraag

Types of homes
On the next slide, match the types of homes to their definitions. There are two additional types of homes. If you don't know the word, you may look it up in an online dictionary.

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a.) detached house
b.) block of flats
c.) cottage
d.) semi-detached house
e.) farmhouse
f.) mansion
g.) camper van
h.) villa
i.) terraced house
1. a luxurious house
2. one of a row of houses that are joined to each other
3. a van which is adapted for living inside and travelling around
4. a building that consists of many flats
5. a single house not connected to any other building
6. a house that is joined to one other
7. a small house in the country

Slide 23 - Sleepvraag

Write the definitions of the two types of homes not used in the drag and drop exercise on the previous slide.

Slide 24 - Open vraag

Looking for pictures
Find a picture to illustrate 3 different types of houses. You may choose which 3 types you would like to find a picture for.
You can upload your pictures in the next slides. Also write down which type it is, please.

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Upload a picture and name house type 1:

Slide 26 - Open vraag

Upload a picture and name house type 2:

Slide 27 - Open vraag

Upload a picture and name house type 3:

Slide 28 - Open vraag

Come and ask them to me!
If you would like a video explanation on the Past Simple, go to the next slide.
If you would like to practise some more, click here or go to a practice site about the Past Simple on the internet.

Study the words of unit 5:
Click here to practise part 1 of the list in Quizlet.
Click here to practise part 2 of the list in Quizlet.

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Slide 30 - Video

Time left?
Come and ask me for a speaking assignment!

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Homework Monday the 7th of March
- Finish this LessonUp lesson. Make sure you finish all slides.
- Study the words of the word list of Unit 5. (You can find the word list in SomToday with your homework on Monday or in this LessonUp lesson on slide 29.

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