havo 4 unit 9

unit 9 The hard sell
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unit 9 The hard sell

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At the end of this unit you can:
  • speculate about things and events
  • make a deduction based on evidence
  • use collocations of an adjective and a noun
  • give your opinion about commercials
  • find information while listening to a conversation and interview
  • can use expressions for discussing ideas

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practise for the listening test
Take notes!

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Slide 4 - Video

Advertising influences most of the ...
products we buy every day
choices we make every day
relationships we have with others
things we care for

Slide 5 - Quizvraag

The advertisement for Escapade toilet water focuses on
our emotional response to the product
the ideal picture of a woman
the product itself
subtle differences with other perfums

Slide 6 - Quizvraag

The only time we are not bombarded with advertisements is
when we sleep
when we consciously ignore them
when we are not insecure about ourselves
when give in to whta we want to buy

Slide 7 - Quizvraag

The traditional purpose of advertisements is
to make us buy things we do not need
for businesses to reach their cusomers and vice versa
to tell us about exciting new products
to make us buy the most expensive option

Slide 8 - Quizvraag

What 2 things can good advertisements do?

Slide 9 - Open vraag

good advertisements helps us
to build an identity
to make a decision about our life.
to make it easy to choose what to buy
to stop buying things we do not want

Slide 10 - Quizvraag

advertisements that evoke feelings and associatons caters to our unconscious mind and helps us decide who we are.

Slide 11 - Quizvraag

good advertisements play into our .... , which we want to mask with a new identity
insecurity and deficiency
longings and necessities
body image and self image

Slide 12 - Quizvraag

could   may  might
fall ill

Slide 13 - Tekstslide

is it going to be a white christmas?
What's the chance?

Slide 14 - Poll

Is 90% of you going to be in havo 5 next year?
What is the chance?

Slide 15 - Poll

There are three modals you can use when you are not 100% certain about something: could - may - might.
may = in Dutch "misschien". There is a reasonable chance that it will happen. May is rather formal and not used very often.
could = in Dutch "zou kunnen". There is a good chance that it will happen; perhaps 50-50%
might = in Dutch "heel misschien". There is only a slim chance that it will happen

Slide 16 - Tekstslide

When you are 100% sure that something will happen: must
when you are 100% sure that something will not happen: can't

Slide 17 - Tekstslide

modals in the past
may have + past participle
might have + past participle
could have+ past participle
must have + past participle
can't have + past participle
couldn't have + past particple
now do exercises 1 - 6

Slide 18 - Tekstslide

A huge variety 
A huge budget 
A huge market 
A huge picture 
A high voice 
A high budget 
A low voice 
A low budget 
A deep message 
A deep character 

Slide 19 - Tekstslide

A deep voice  
A shallow message  
 A shallow idea  
A shallow character  
A narrow picture  
A narrow view  
Narrow ideas  
A wide variety  
A wide market  
A wide picture 

Slide 20 - Tekstslide

9.2 listening
exercise 1. Describe a commercial to your partner and ask him/her to guess what commercial you are talking about.

exercise 2:
Listen and tick the boxes of the things that are mentioned by the speaker.
listening 10

Slide 21 - Tekstslide

Slide 22 - Video

Based on the you tube film you saw at the beginning of the unit, this is a .... advertisement/commercial

Slide 23 - Quizvraag

exercise 3
Write down WOMAN (W) or MAN (M) in the boxes.

Listen again and answer the multiple choice question in exercise 4
nr 11

Slide 24 - Tekstslide

answer the multiple choice questions in exercise 5.
nr 12

Slide 25 - Tekstslide

grammar extra
The adjectives have a special order in English.   OSSACNM
The right order is:
  1.  opinion
  2.  size
  3. shape
  4. age
  5. colour
  6. nationality
  7. material
I saw an ugly big round old red American stone dish in the museum.
Now read grammar extra and do the exercises

Slide 26 - Tekstslide

expressions for discussing ideas
There are some verbs that you can use to discuss ideas: reckon - admit - bet - doubt - expect - guess - suggest - suppose - stress
Some of these verbs are formal whereas others are informal. Now do exercise 6.
exercise 7 is in the next slide

Slide 27 - Tekstslide

Introducing an idea or opinion
giving a different point of view
adding to an idea
I suppose
On the other hand
It seems to me that
Not only that, but
true enough, though
What's more

Slide 28 - Sleepvraag

exam folder 5
Do exam folder 5 to practise your listening skills!

Do all the exercises and read the exam advice carefully.

nr 13
nr 14

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