Group 12 Lesson 1 Knowledge and Indigenous Societies

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Upload an image to show what the word "indigenous" means.

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your own definition

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I consider myself indigenous

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I have met an indigenous person/people.

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What kind of knowledge do indigenous societies have?

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Some KQ we will look at: 
  • Does our culture determine what we know?
  • In what ways does the loss of indigenous languages signify a loss of knowledge and cultural diversity?
  • Does the emphasis on holistic knowledge found in some indigenous societies avoid a limited understanding of reality resulting from the compartmentalization of knowledge?
  • How have government education policies and systems compromised the transmission of indigenous knowledge?
  • How might differences in their worldviews create challenges for collaboration between environmental scientists and holders of traditional environmental knowledge?
  • Does the term “indigenous” knowledge” necessarily suggest power divisions between a dominant and non-dominant group?

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Questions TED 
1. What is the best weather app for Ms. Ibrahim? 
2. Which words does she use to describe what nature is for her community? 
3. Why were the scientists who visited surprised? 
4. What does she say about the role of men and women? 
5. Which 3 types of knowledge does she describe? 

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What does Mr. Yawanawá do at the beginning of his talk and why does he do that?

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How would you describe this kind of knowledge?

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How would you formulate the message of Ms. Yawanawá in your own words?

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Homework next week
Read the text, answer the questions in your TOK journal and upload this on Managebac. 

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