Formal VS Informal Messages

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What do you already know about formal and informal writing?

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Use Informal Writing When:
  • Writing to a friend;
  • Sharing a story or writing a personal blog;
  • Writing creatively;
  • Instructed to do so (if in school);
  • Writing dialogue and conversations;
  • If you are unsure of whether to use informal or formal writing, it’s generally the rule of thumb to start out writing formally. Then, when you make the connection and you see how the other side responds, you can ease up on the formality.

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Informal Writing 
Slang (dialect, streektaal)
Expressions (uitdrukkingen)
Personal tone (persoonlijk)
Simple language
, short sentences (simpel en kort)
Informal style (informele opbouw en stijl)
Contractions  are allowed
(You're, it's) (afkortingen toegestaan)
Expressing feelings (uitdrukken van jouw gevoelens en emoties)

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Informal Writing 
Informal writing consists of short sentences and is used in more personal settings, such as writing a letter to a friend or writing a diary entry. It is much more relaxed than formal writing.

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That film was sick!

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I regret to inform you that the swimming pool is now closed.

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The structure of an informal email is as follows:
  1. Salutation (greeting) It is used to greet the person to whom the email is addressed. ...
  2. Opening paragraph (Introduction). It basically explains why we contact our friend.
  3. Main body. In this section we will answer all the questions or requirements that we have been asked to do. 
  4. Closing Paragraph.
  5. Signing off

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Hey my friend,

Hope this email finds you well! I just watched an awesome series on Netflix called "Stranger Things." It's so cool! Have you seen it? Any other recommendations? Let me know what you're into these days. Can't wait to catch up!

Take care, Jack

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