H4B - P2 - Week 6 - 40 min - Writing-reading

H4B - Week 6 - Writing/reading
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H4B - Week 6 - Writing/reading

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Lesson Goals
After today's lessons you will..

.. have practised your writing skills
.. have practised your reading skills

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Today's Lesson

- Writing practise

- Reading practise

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Peer Feedback
You are going to check a classmate's formal letter:

- Are all aspects of the formal letter correct? (addresses, date, opening, closing, signature). Check in your reader. 
- Check if all 9 content points are in the letter.
- Did they take all the steps to ask formal questions? 
- Is it formal? (no short forms "don't=do not", no "gonna/wanna", no "I want".

Not finished? FINISH IT NOW!

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Step by Step
1. Read the title
2. Look at the pictures + other aspects that stand out
3. Read the (first) question
4. Read the part of the text that goes with the question
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all the questions are answered
6. New text: start at step 1

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  • Look up vocabulary that you do not understand (only if it stops you from understanding the bigger picture). Context can usually help you.
    You can use a dictionary for the real test.
  • Make sure you can point at the answer in the text, this should make you more confident that it's correct. 
  • Do exactly what they ask. For example, when they ask you to quote (citeer), do not do it the Dutch way. Do what they want. 

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Practise time
Go to: www.examenflow.nl
Log in/Make an account (if you haven’t already)

Go to “Examen Maken”
Choose “Engels” > “2016 tijdvak 2” finished?  "2016 tijdvak 1"

Can't get into examenflow? > www.examenblad.nl 

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Lesson Goals
After today's lessons you..

.. have practised your writing skills
.. have practised your reading skills

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