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food and drinks in the UK
made by Jenny Rommers
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food and drinks in the UK
made by Jenny Rommers

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top 3 dishes of the UK

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1. fish and chips
this dish is mainly eaten in Great Britain it is white fish usually cod or haddock with acrispy crust usually served with fries. crispy crust usually served with fries.

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2. sunday roast
the British usually eat this dish with their family on a sunday afternoon a large piece of roast mate (usually pork or beef) with vegatables, potatoes, yorkshire pudding and a thik gravy. the pudding is an English side dish first it was always eaten at lunchtime but now it is also often taken in the evening

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3. English breakfast
the English like to start their day with a good breakfast. This extensive breakfast , wich be a bit heavy on the stomach, usually consist of fried eggs, sausages, bacon, tomatoes and white beans in tomato sauce, you often also get fried potatoes, mushrooms and toast.

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top 3 things of the UK

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1. cream tea
Another variation om English tea is the cream tea, consists of jam and clotted cream served with scones, wich is usually served with tea .

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2. Beers
in the UK they have a lot of beer, just like the beer, just like the beer in the Netherlands, only from another brandmany 

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3. long vodka 
long vodka is a cocktail made with a combination of vodka and tonic water, lime juice or lemonade.

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meals time 

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