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Performance Enhancing Drugs

By Maria Overby
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Performance Enhancing Drugs

By Maria Overby

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What are Performance Enhancing Drugs? (PEDs)

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- "It is defined as any substance taken in non-pharmacologic doses specifically for purposes of improving sports performance" ( 
- Referred to as doping, athletes take PED drugs to reduce their athletic ability
- Used to help build muscle tissue and increase body mass
- Most commonly used by athletes or bodybuilders 
- Used to boost their strength and add muscle  

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Your body starts to produce more proteins during Anabolism

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What is the goal of blood doping?
Lose blood
Increase the amount of oxygen-carrying red blood cells in the blood
Increase bone strength
Lose body weight

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Anabolic Steroids
-A group of synthetic drugs 
- Synthetic version of testosterone 
-Women have it but in much smaller amounts
-Testosterone is the main hormone in men and is needed to develop and maintain male characteristics (ex. deep voice, facial hair and muscle growth)

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Women have testosterone in their bodies

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-Deeper voice
-Grow more body hair
-Lose head hair
-Stop or get their periods much less
-Hair loss
-Increase in chance of prostate cancer
-Severe acne

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What is one negative side effect of PEDs?
(Men or Women)

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Uses of anabolic steroids 
-Healthcare providers prescribe anabolic steroids to help with hormone problems in men, delayed puberty, and muscle loss caused by disease
-Bodybuilders and athletes misuse these steroids to build muscles and improve athletic performance 
-Doses for this kind of use could be 10 to 100 times higher than doses to treat medical conditions
-unsafe and illegal

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Used For
- Boost athletic ability
- Build muscle
- Increase body mass
- Lose body fat

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Signs that someone is taking PEDs
- Increased aggression
-Rapid weight gain (ex. 10 Ib/month or 40 Ib/ year
-Postule acne 
-Female (lower voice, facial hair, male body hair

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Used For
- Boost athletic ability
- Build muscle
- Increase body mass
- Lose body fat

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Lance Armstrong
Marion Jones

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Before and after PED use

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Male body dysmorphia
-Steroid use is often associated with a form of male body dysmorphia 
-Muscle dysmorphia disorder (MDD)
-Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD)
-Referred to as the reverse of anorexia-bigorexia 
- These users use steroids to get bigger and increase their confidence 

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