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English Lesson January 14
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English Lesson January 14

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Lesson January 14
Lesson goals: 
I know the difference between cardinal and ordinal numbers and how to make them

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Check homework

Questions homework?
Quizlet Live on page 32 and 33

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Revision: Numbers cardinal / ordinal
Cardinal numbers
says how many there are of something
Example: There are two girls.

Cardinal is counting

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Numbers cardinal / ordinal
Ordinal numbers
tells us the position of something in a list
Example: Washington was the first president of the USA

Ordinal explains the order

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Extra information
- after twenty you have to add a hypen (-) between twenty and the following number (twenty-one, thirty-five etc.)

- Making ordinals up to 20: normally add -th after the cardinal number: eleventh, nineteenth (except 1,2 and 3, 9, 12)

- Making ordinals from 20: use the cardinal for twenty, thirty etc. and then add the ordinal number: twenty-first.

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Also irregular are:
one hundredth

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Making abbreviations
If you want to make an abbreviation of the ordinal, you have to write the cardinal number + the last two numbers of the ordinal number

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Kahoot on numbers

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I can make the numbers correctly

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Listen to Empire State of Mind
Fill in the answers in the worksheet in the chat. We are going to listen twice. How many did you have correct? Write in the chat!

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To do + homework:

Make definitions: 81 - 90 page 33/34
Learnbeat: Unit 3 - Listening and Watching -  Choose  one of the links (not Theme Parks). Watch and do the assignments
+ exercise on Numbers in Learnbeat
Study page 33

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