Week 45 The Handmaid's Tale / Act 1 Scene 3

What are the characteristics of a dystopia?
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What are the characteristics of a dystopia?

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Utopia vs. Dystopia 

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The Handmaid's Tale
  • The story is set in a dystopia. I am not going to tell you any details of this world yet, I want you to discover it yourself. 
  • Remember, this is science fiction and not a real world, but it is inspired by aspects of the real world. The book is a social critique. 
  •  Look for the aspects that are NOT mentioned in the book, they are at least as powerful as the ones that are mentioned. 

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Let's read 
Let's read together until chapter 4 (p. 14). 
After that, you can continue reading yourself until p. 55 for next Monday. 

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Get out your books
Put away your phone
Put your bag on the floor

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- At the end of this class, you can describe in your own words what Act 1 Scene 3 is about in The Merchant of Venice . 

- At the end of this class, you understand the animosity between Shylock and Antonio. 

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How is Portia supposed to find a husband in the Merchant of Venice?

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Act 1 Scene 2:
 Portia and Nerissa talking about Portia's suitors. Portia mostly talks in stereotypes and they make fun of them. 
Nerrissa believes that Portia's father was a good man and that she needs to follow the plan he had set out for her even if she is not "free" to marry a husband. 
However, they both think highly of Bassanio. 

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Act 1 Scene 3 
Let's start reading on p. 15: 1.3

  1. Why are Antonio and Bassanio asking for a loan of three thousand ducats from Shylock?
  2. Why is Shylock suspicious of Antonio in lines 15-26?
  3. Why is Shylock refusing to dine with Antonio and Bassanio?
  4. Why is Shylock using so many religious symboles in his speech?
  5. Why does Shylock demand a pound of flesh instead of money?

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Christian Venice 
Jewish Venice 

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