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We will create our own blog

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Create your blogging concept
Think about what you want to write about. To write regularly and keep your blog fresh,
you need to write about something that you are interested in. For this blog, it needs to
be connected to education!

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Think about what you want people to read
People read what is interesting. It can be interesting facts, or it can be funny. Are you
good at drawing? You can get readers who want to see your artwork.

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Look at the competition
Browse other blogs by people of the same age and interests. What do you like about
their blogs? How can you make your blog different?

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Decide on the name of your blog
This should be something people remember. Brainstorm a list of names and talk to
friends and family to get some ideas.

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Decide where to create and host your blog
Blogger and WordPress are the two most popular blog creation sites on the Web. Try
them out, and look for others, then choose one.

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Create your blog!
Follow the instructions on the blog creation site, fill in the online forms and click
“Create Blog.”

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Introduce yourself!
Write something about yourself by adding an “About Me” page. Be careful with the
information you share; don’t give away too much.

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Write your first post
Click the “New Post” tab, write the title and then move onto the body of your post. You
can add photos, videos and links. Check your spelling and punctuation before clicking
“Publish Post”.

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