Chapter 1 Money moves around lesson 5 for 3thp

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What are we going to do today?
  • Remember last week?
  • Let's have a look at todays homework
  • Learning goals
  • Theory section 1.3 second part
  • Let's do some calculating
  • Work on the assignments
  • Did we meet our learning goals?

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Swapping (trading) goods and services without the use of money is called.
Indirect exchange
Direct exchange trade or barter

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Money has three functions. When we use it to represent the value of a product it is?
unit of account
store of value

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Which answer is not a technical requirement for a medium of exchange?
it has to be portable
it has to be divisable
it has to be perishable
it has to be hard to produce

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Money in the form of banknotes and coins is called?
chartal money
checkable money
intrinsic money
extrinsic money

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The value of what money is made of (paper or metal) is called?
extrinsic value
intrinsic value

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Learning goals

  • You can explain the concept of purchasing power
  • You can explain the concept of inflation
  • You can calculate a percentage change
  • You can calculate the purchasing power index number

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Why was everthing so cheap in the old days?

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Calculation percentage change
To calculate a percentage change, use the
following formula:

(new value - old value) : old value x 100

This year a frikandelbroodje costs € 0,89. A year ago it was 
€ 0,79. Calculate the percentage change.

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Take the next 10 minutes to work on assignment 40, 41, 42 and 43

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Continue working on your homework for next week.
Finish section 4.3 (so up and including assignment 46.

Finish early?
Need more practise? Have a look at the revision assignments.
Problems with calculations? Do some math assignments.
Need more challanges? Go to the in-depth assignment.

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Remember our learning goals?
  • You can explain the concept of purchasing power 
  • You can explain the concept of inflation 
  • You can calculate a percentage change 
  • You can calculate the purchasing power index number

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