Unit 4 Casseroles
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Unit 4 Casseroles

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What is the first word(s) that come to your mind when you think of casseroles?

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Casserole Definition
  • A dish in which food may be baked and served
  • A food cooked and served in a casserole dish

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What Makes a Casserole?
It is a flavorful combination of foods prepared in a single dish. 

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History of a Casserole
Casseroles gained popularity in the mid 20th century

  • The effects of the Great Depression
  • Two World Wars
  • Women increasingly joining the workforce

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Pros of a Casserole
  • Quick and easy to prepare
  • Most freeze well
  • Prepare them ahead of time

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What else is comes to mind when thinking of a positive characteristic of a casserole?

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Cons of a Casserole
  • Can be high in fat
  • Can be high in sodium

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What else is comes to mind when thinking of a negative characteristic of a casserole?

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Casserole Ingredients
Most casseroles follow this formula
  1. Protein
  2. Vegetable
  3. Starch
  4. Binding Agent/Sauce
  5. Topping

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Protein Options
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Beef
  • Ham
  • Seafood
  • Legumes

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What other proteins can you think of to add to a casserole?

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Vegetable Options
You can use canned, frozen, or cooked fresh vegetables in a casserole
  • Green Beans
  • Peas
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach

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What other vegetables can you think of to add to a casserole?

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Starchy Food Options
Starchy ingredients help make a casserole filling
  • Potatoes
  • Rice 
  • Pasta
  • Whole Grains

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What other starchy foods can you think of to add to a casserole?

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Binding Agent/Sauce Options
A binder/binding agent works to hold the casserole together. 
A casserole sauce can be as simple as a can of condensed soup or as fancy as homemade cheese sauce. 
  • Canned Condensed Cream Soup
  • Store Bought Sauces
  • Homemade Sauce

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What other sauces or binding agents can you think of to add to a casserole?

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These help to keep the casserole from becoming dry and add color, flavor, and crunch
  • Cheese
  • Bread Crumbs
  • Biscuits
  • Crunchy Onions

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What other toppings can you think of to add to a casserole?

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Extras can add crunch, color, and flavor
  • Bean Sprouts
  • Fresh Herbs
  • Almonds
  • A variety of flavorful veggies: celery, tomatoes, green peppers, and onions

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Make it Healthful!
  • Check fat and sodium content in sauces
  • Reduced fat sour cream or cheese
  • Low-sodium soups
  • Add more veggies!

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Casserole Crossword
11 Points
[Due at the end of class]

We are doing this together in class.
Quiz clues will follow this slide

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3) Across
A dish in which food can be baked and served

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6) Across
Make casseroles ____ by using low-fat and low-sodium ingredients

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7) Across
A component of casseroles that works to hold the dish together

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8) Across
Broccoli, corn, and green beans are an example of this casserole component

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10) Across
Most casseroles can be ___ and therefore can be made ahead of time

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11) Across
A casserole component that keeps the dish from getting dry, adds flavor & crunch

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1) Down
Rice, potatoes, and pasta are examples of this casserole component

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2) Down
A flavorful combination of food prepared in a single dish

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4) Down
Casseroles are usually quick and ___ to prepare

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5) Down
A period in time when casseroles became popular, efficient, and important

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9) Down
Chicken, ground beef, and black beans are examples of this casserole component

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Extra Credit
Extra Credit on Schoology
Create Your Own Casserole
10 points
[Due 11/5 11:59pm]

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