Lesson 2 Week 47 Part 2 Pride & Prejudice

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Basic rules
  • We do our work when we should
  • We are silent during explanations and raise our hands for questions
  • Our phone is in our "zakkie" on the corner of our table
  • We don't eat, drink, or chew gum in class

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What can you expect?

Periode 1: mondeling (boek) + examenvaardigheden

Periode 2: kijk- en luistervaardigheid + literatuur + leesvaardigheid

Periode 3: leesvaardigheid

Periode 4: examen leesvaardigheid

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What can you expect?

Pride and Prejudice
Victorian Age 
Jane Eyre
The Picture of Dorian Gray
assorted poems

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learning goals
- I know the basic information about Jane Austen

- I know the plot of Pride and Prejudice

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Mention 2 aspects about Pride & Prejudice you remember from previous class?

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Where did we stop in the story?
- Why does Charlotte inherit the family home of the Bennets?
- What does Lizzy think of Mr Darcy so far? 
- What does Mr. Darcy write in the letter to Lizzy?

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Elizabeth's close friend marries mr. Collins

(subsequently, she will inherit their home when their father dies)

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Elizabeth visits Charlotte at her new home. When dining at Lady Catherine de Bourgh, they meet mr. Darcy again.

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Mr. Darcy proposes to Elizabeth.

He writes her a letter after she has refused him, to set the record straight.

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Jane returns from her aunt and uncle in London. 

They take Elizabeth on a tour of Derbyshire. They decide to have a look at Pemberley (mr. Darcy's estate), seeing as he isn't home...

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Lydia and Wickham run away together, ruining her sisters' reputation.

They eventually marry after Darcy's interference.

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Bingley returns to Longbourn and proposes to Jane.

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Darcy's aunt visits Elizabeth to keep her from marrying Darcy. (even though they are not engaged.)

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After talking to his aunt, Darcy proposes to Elizabeth for a second time. She accepts.

Double wedding for Jane and Bingley & Elizabeth and Darcy.

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Three love affairs are played out simultaneously in this novel: Who are the loving couples?

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7. Which few traits do you think best describe the following characters?
Mr Collins
Lady Catherine de Bourgh
 Mrs Bennet
vain, hypocrite, snob
meddlesome, arrogant, a schemer 
 flirt, man-chaser 
foolish, fickle, ill-informed

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