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Differentiate between Xylem and Phloem.

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Name the tissues that are present in the various parts of the plants.
Husk of a coconut –
Cortex of the root –
Veins of the leaves-
Vascular bundle

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Draw a labelled diagram of Xylem. Why is it termed as dead tissue.

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Draw a labelled diagram of phloem .

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Discussion on WHY DO WE FALL ILL 

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Name any three diseases of human beings caused by bacteria and three diseases caused by the virus

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We can treat an infectious disease by killing microbe”. Justify the statement with suitable examples.

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Write a short note on organ-specific and tissue-specific manifestations of disease.

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When the microbes affect the entire organ, such as lungs or kidneys, it is known as organ-specific manifestation. The microorganisms that enter the body travel to a specific organ and multiply there. Different microbes are at home in different parts of the body. For instance, Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the bacteria that cause tuberculosis.
When the entire tissue is affected by the microbes, it is called a tissue-specific manifestation. The immune system is also activated in response to the infections. The microorganisms enter into the tissues and damage it. The immune system recruits the disease-causing microbes and destroys them.
This is known as inflammation.

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Cancer is a diseases caused due to uncontrolled growth of tissue of any part of the body. This disease comes under which of the following type
none of theses

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