Unit 1 California

Welcome ! 
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Welcome ! 

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Tell me about your holiday
Ball toss
  • In English: tell me about your holiday. 
  • What did you do?
  • Where did you go?
  • What was the best part of it? 
  • Toss the ball to someone else

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At the end of today's class
  • You know what to expect this year 
  • You know more about California
  • You have told something about yourself and/or your summer holiday  (in English)

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Unit 1 California

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What do you already know about California?

Slide 5 - Open vraag


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California facts 
First discovered by the Spanish

California used to be known as the Grizzly Bear state.
The bear population got wiped out (uitgestorven) by humans and 

Nowadays it is known as The Golden State.

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California facts
California is home to the world’s largest tree: General Sherman Tree and guess what, the oldest one too. 
It is  estimated to be 4,650 years old!

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California is known as the Golden State because someone found a piece of gold in a river. After that 200.000 people suddenly moved to California for the gold

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The famous Hollywood is also located in California

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Death valley

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World's first M.c Donald's

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California facts
California is home to four of the world’s ten richest people- Jeff Bezos ($126B), Bill Gates ($94.9B), Warren Buffet ($89.5B), and Bernard Arnault ($67.8B); as in 2018.

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Page 7 Did you know?

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Page 8 Exercise 1 

  • a: Read the text on page 7  and underline the correct answer
  • b: Look for pictures  of LA on the internet and explain why, or why not, you would like to live there

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Celebrity spotting 

  •  a:Read the text on page 8 and look for more information on the internet . 
  • b: Complete the texts 

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Exercise 3: Celebrety spotting 

  •  Watch the video ( together) 
  • Answer the questions online

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Exercise 4: Dream house 

Teken een plattegrond van jouw droomhuis en schrijf er in het Engels bij wat er in je huis te zien is. Het kan niet gek genoeg zijn!

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Lesson 1 en 2 moeten helemaal af zijn (weektaak)
Leer de woorden lesson 2

Learning targets lesson 1:

  • I can talk about my summer holiday in English.
  • I know something about California. 

Learning targets lesson 2:

  • I can recognise the main points in conversations.
  • I can understand explanations or instructions.

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  1. Read: "Where the stars live" (pg 8-9)
  2. Exercises 1 & 2  in your book  
  3.  Exercise 3 & 4 answers  online 

Done? Continue with exercise 1 & 2 , lesson 2


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