Esio Trot Lesson 2

Esio Trot - Lesson 2
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Esio Trot - Lesson 2

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Check your understanding.
  1. What are Mr Hoppy's two big loves?
  2. Why doesn't Mr Hoppy tell Mrs Silver how he feels about her? 
  3. In what ways does he dream of getting her attention? 
  4. How does Mrs Silver feel about Alfie? Give evidence from the text. 

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"Mrs Silver was a widow who also lived alone". (p10)
What is the meaning of the word "widow"?
Mother of several kids
A shy, quiet person
Woman whose husband has died

Slide 3 - Quizvraag

What is the meaning of the word
to "jut out"?
a shark fin
something that sticks out from a flat surface
a ribbon
when a tortoise's head is inside its shell

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The word "endearment" means .....
a command to an animal
the end of a story
something that costs a lot of money
words you use to show that you love someone

Slide 6 - Quizvraag

Read pages 7 - 15
Solemnly (p.13)
envy (p.14)

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Foreshadowing is when an author gives a clue about something that is about to happen in the story: How does the author foreshadow on page 14 and 15?

Slide 9 - Open vraag

Describe Mrs Silver's worry about Alfie. How does Mr Hoppy use her worry to help himself?

Slide 10 - Open vraag

Study the words in Mr Hoppy's message. What do you notice? Explain.

Slide 11 - Open vraag

Pair discussion
Mrs Silver said "Everyone wants to grow up". Do you want to be bigger or older?

Why or why not?

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Read pages 15 up to and including 21.

Remember to bring Esio Trot to the lesson tomorrow.

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Extra task
  1. Alfie hibernates in winter. What other animals hibernate? Why do they hibernate. 
  2. Sketch what  Mrs Silver's balcony looks like in order for it to be safe and comfortable for Alfie. 

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