Weektaak 44

Good morning H3C
Today's plan:
Check WB ex 14-15 + 20-25 blz 34-42
  • New weektask
  • Prepositions of direction

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Good morning H3C
Today's plan:
Check WB ex 14-15 + 20-25 blz 34-42
  • New weektask
  • Prepositions of direction

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WB ex 14
1 through     6 from
2 over            7 into
3 along         8 to
4 across       9 around
5 through    10  onto

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WB ex 15
1 along                                                                       7 through /across
2 away from / through                                        8 through
3 towards / to / through / into / across        9 into
4 towards/ to / through
5 down
6 over / onto

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WB ex 20 -> Heb je meer dan dit ingevuld? Lees de strategie tip nog eens goed door. 
Definition of phobia: irrational fear
Phobia discussed in text: Arachibutyrophobia (fear of peanut butter)
Symptoms of this phobia: Panic attack (sweating, convulsing)
Solutions for this phobia: Glass of milk nearby; only eat a little bit at a time; try Peanut Butter Cups

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WB ex 21
1 People with phobias are certain of the danger of a situation.
 know there's no real threat or danger/ their fear is irrational.
2 Thinking about the object of their phobia can make people a bit worried.
 cause extreme anxiety in people.
3 Genevieve used to eat peanut butter for its taste.
 has never tried to eat peanut butter out of fear that it will stick to the roof of her mouth.

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WB ex 21

4 A fear of peanut butter is dangerous and frustrating.
 is not particularly harmful or dangerous.
5 It is very hard not to come into contact with peanut butter.
 not very difficult to avoid peanut butter.
6 When peanut butter sticks you can remove it with some bread.
 your tongue.

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WB ex 22

1 Mensen die geen fobie hebben, zijn wel bang maar gaan toch door met hun dagelijkse bezigheden. Mensen met een fobie vermijden lastige situaties of plekken.
2 Dieren, insecten, bacteriën, hoogtes, onweer, vliegen, tandartsbehandeling of medische behandeling, liften.
3 Ze is bang voor pindakaas omdat ze denkt dat dit aan haar verhemelte gaat vastplakken en ze dan niet meer kan kauwen, slikken of ademhalen.

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WB ex 22
4 Vanuit een traumatische gebeurtenis zoals zich verslikken in een boterham met pindakaas of nare verhalen daarover horen.
5 Hij of zij kan gestrest raken en misselijk of duizelig worden.
6 Example key: De tip om niet teveel tegelijk in je mond te stoppen, omdat het dan niet te veel plakt en je het brood makkelijk kunt doorslikken.

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WB ex 23
1 First, follow the directions closely.
2 Secondly, keep an eye on the time.
3 Never put your fingers in a power socket. / Don't put your fingers in a power socket.
4 Stand clear of the train tracks at all times. / Never stand on the train tracks. / Don't stand on the train tracks.

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WB ex 23
5 Don't forget to fasten your shoelaces before running. / You ought to fasten your shoelaces before running. / Always fasten your shoelaces before running. / It's important to fasten your shoes/ shoelaces before running.
6 Make sure you keep/ Keep an eye on the knife / your fingers at all times. / Always act sensibly when chopping vegetables. / Mind your fingers when chopping vegetables.

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WB ex 24
1 First, make sure you focus on the location
2 don't book a hotel in the middle of nowhere / a remote hotel
3 don't forget to check for reviews online / online reviews
4 It's important to check what's included in the price when you book online
5 always follow the instructions on the website
6 keep an eye on the waves at all times

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WB ex 25 example answer
The weather outside is terrible. To stay safe, follow our advice. It's important to stay indoors, and only go outside when it's absolutely necessary. You ought to make sure the roads are clear before you go out to drive. Don't forget to close the shutters on your windows and always check to see whether there is any damage after the storm is over. 

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Weektask week 45

  • WB: maken opdr. 26, 27 en Test yourself theme 2
  • Project: Hand in assignment 3 + logboek
  • First pitches this week!
  • Theme 2 Vocabulary + grammaticaregels
  • Grammar:
  • Modals deel 2

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