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The assignment
You are going to design and make your own personal key chain out of a coloured piece of plastic.

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Step 1
  • Draw 6 boxes of 50x70mm on one sheet of paper. Use a ruler to make sure your lines are straight.
  • Draw 6 different designs; one in each box. Make sure you fill up the boxes as much as possible.

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Step 2

  • Colour in the part which is considered as rest-material, your actual design remains white.

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Step 3
  • Saw your piece of plastic (50x70mm), by hand or with the electric jigsaw.
  • Copy your best design on the white foil layer of your piece of plastic whith a pen.
                      Do not remove the plastic foil layers!!

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Step 4
  • Saw your shape by hand. Use the correct saw blades.

There are saw blades specially designed to saw plastic. These blades are very thin and protect the plastic from melting.

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Step 5
  • File your design to remove splinters. Use the correct file and a bench vice or machine clamp to hold your piece.
  • Scour your piece to finish it off. Make sure all the edges are smooth and round.
    Use the sandpaper in the correct order : 120, 240, 400.

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Step 6
  • Drill the hole for the key ring. Use a drill bit with ᴓ6 (mm).
  • Put the key ring through.

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Step 7
  • Polish the edges of the plastic. Make them shine!!
  • Ask your teacher to check your piece: DONE?... Remove the foil layers on both sides of the plastic.
  • Option: you may engrave a text or drawing. Ask you rteacher about it.

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  • A good, strong and original design.    The more more you challenge yourself the higher you may be graded when successful.
  • Well filed, scoured and polished.
  • Neatness.

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