Chapter 2: between wars

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What are we going to discuss in this chapter?

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Russian Revolution
Lenin & Stalin
Mussolini & Hitler
The Great Depression

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Three things you already know about this chapter

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Do the assignment that has been put in ELO opdrachten for you

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What is Communism? 
  • Political ideology founded by Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx.
  • Communism is considered far-left.
  • Political belief that everyone is equal.
  • Workers should also get power. 
  • Because the rich and factory owners won't let this happen a workers revolution with force is inevitable.

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Today, many people in Russia see Lenin as a hero. Why do you think this is?

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Answer the questions in de MS Forms assignment in Teams

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Last lesson we saw that even today, Lenin is very popular in Russia. Stalin is not. Why do you think that is?

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Meanwhile in Germany, Hitler planned to avenge Germany for the end of World War I and the Treaty of Versailles. Name at least two thing from the Treaty of Versailles

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Great Depression

The Roaring Twenties

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Base on the last two slides, how can you describe the roaring twenties?

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What might go wrong?

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The stock market
  • Farmers and companies borrowed money to invest.
  • Credit was used to buy stocks on the stock market.
  • The Stock market crashed on Black Thursday 1929.
  • The borrowed money couldn't be paid back.
  • Companies, factories and banks went bankrupt.
  • Many people lost their jobs

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How did the United States try to solve the gigantic economic crisis?

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With the help of the information packet about the New Deal, fill out the table about the different things the US Government did during the New Deal. 
You only need to pick from three programs from the information packet

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3.5 Hitler's dictatorship

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Why did Hitler want to avenge World War I & the Treaty of Versailles?

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What is a dictator?

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Hitler becomes a dictator
1933: Hitler's political party, the NSDAP, wins the elections

Soon thereafter, Hitler passed a law that made de NSDAP the only political party of Germany

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What did Hitler do after that?
With the help of page 50 & 51 of your book, fill out the worksheet about Germany under Hitler (ELO opdrachten)

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What did Hitler do to German democracy when he came to power in 1933?

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