Lesson 2 - PhotoPea

Lesson 2 - PhotoPea
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ComputingLower Secondary (Key Stage 3)

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Lesson 2 - PhotoPea

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Bell Activity
Where might Photo-editing software be used?

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Key Objective
Create aposter using graphic design software (Photopea)

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  • Identify the key tools in PhotoPea and know what they do.
  • Use the key tools in PhotoPea to create a movie poster for a set brief.
  • Use graphic design as a tool to target a specific audience.

  • Use the tools within PhotoPea, to create a 'High-Quality' Poster.

  • Create a 'High-Quality' Poster which also meets the brief. Whilst developing your technical skills within PhotoPea

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We are going to practice adding text to an image

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Now it's your turn...
You have been asked to create an A4 poster to advertise ONE of the following films.

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Option 1 
Option 1 |Film Title: “Finest Hour”
Genre: Sci-fi/Action/Thriller
Synopsis: The nations of the world come together to repel and defeat an alien threat to life on earth.

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Option 2
Film: Garibaldia 
Genre: Fantasy
Synopsis: A young child embarks on an epic journey to save the magical kingdom.

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Option 3 
Film: “Pirate Pete:  The Golden Monkey”
Genre: Childrens/Adventure
Synopsis:  A fun family adventure about a young pirate (Pete) and his crew on the search for the fabled Golden Monkey idol. 

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Example 1

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Example 2 

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Now let's save our work 
Saving as a PSD
1. Click File 
2. Click Save As PSD
3. Save in your OneDrive HomeFolder

Saving as a JPEG
1. Click File
2. Click Export
3. Click JPG
4. Then Save in your OneDrive Home Folder

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