1.4 Living From Farming

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Hunters en Farmers

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Word Duty

Ice Age: periods in the past when areas of the world were covered by ice and it was very cold

Agriculture: a way of living where people grow their own crops and keep animals

Fertile Crescent: area around the rivers Tigris, Euphrates and Nile

Agricultural revolution: farming was introduced, a completely new way of living in prehistory

Domestication: tame animals for your own use

Pottery: an invention of farmers to store products


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Mesopotamia= The Fertile Crescent 

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Bad harvest = hunger!
Farmers were now more dependent on nature. If the harvest was fogged or the season was bad, it was more difficult to survive. In the past as a hunter you would just move on. Farmers did this less quickly, they had more property! 
Hunters or farmers?
How do you recognize that these are farmers and not hunters?

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long house

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Iedereen in dezelfde kamer, ook vee! Veilig en warm! 

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Agricultural Revolution

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What is?
change and continuity (in history lessons)?

Change: this means that something ends and is replaced by something different.
For example: When the Roman monarchy ended and Rome became a Republic.
A system of government was replaced by a very different system. So this is "change".

Continuity: this means that somethings continues, or "keeps going on" . 
For example: After the fall of the western Roman empire Christianity continued as an important religion.
In other words: If Christianity had ended with the Roman empire we would speak of "change", but in this case we speak of "continuity".

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For each statement, choose the correct answer.
2. There have been several ice ages in the past.

This is an example of:


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For each statement, choose the correct answer.
1. prehistoric people have lived as hunter-gatherers for thousands of years

This is an example of:


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For each statement, choose the correct answer.
3. hunter-gatherers became farmers during prehistory.

This is an example of:


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Animals were selected for their useful characteristics.


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Write down one question about something from this lesson that you find difficult.

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