Lamb to the slaughter part 1

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Lesson 1. Read and listen to lamb to the slaughter by Roald Dahl and answer the questions.
Lesson 2. Discussion of Lamb to the slaughter.

Make sure you take notes! You can use this story in your exam should you wish to. 

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Learning goals:
- You can analyze a short story.
- You understand and know how to use the correct terminology for the analysis. 

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At the end of the lesson I can:
- Evaluate and analyze a fictional character that I have read about in a short story. 
- Select evidence from the text to support my evaluation. 

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Lamb to the slaughter
Roald Dahl
British author
Wrote both children's and adult books and stories
Children's often funny
Adults often bizar. 

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What tragic news does Patrick give Mary at the beginning of the book? How do you think this impacts her emotionally? How does she react?

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What does Patrick Maloney tell Mary before she kills him?
He does not like her cooking.
That he is not happy with his job.
That he is having an affair.
That he wasn't hungry.

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What happens to the murder weapon?
Mary threw it away.
Mary puts it back into the freezer.
Jack Noonan found it under the sofa.
The detectives ate it.

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What is the significance of Patrick's profession and Mary's interaction with the police?

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Justify the title of the story "Lamb to the Slaughter."

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