#22 Amazing Animals/ er, ir, ur & adjectives (shapes&sizes)

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English2nd Grade

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Our focus in phonics this week is the r-controlled vowels

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Extension activity: Look at your spelling words and decide which column they would go under er, ir, or ur?

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Click and go to the website on the next slide to practice making er, ir, and ur words by placing the correct beginning and ending sound to the r-controlled vowel.  

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In grammar this week we will learn about adjectives (size and shape.)

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Learn About Adjectives:

 Adjectives are words that describe nouns.  

Do you remember what a noun is? ūü§Ē

Yes! Nouns are words for people, places or things.

Some adjectives name shapes.
Some adjectives name sizes.

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Look for the the adjectives in bold.

I see a green snake.

It is in a square cage. 

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Go to the website on the next slide and click through the lesson to hear all about adjectives and how to use them!

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