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Get out your notebook/laptop
Put away your phone
Put your bag on the floor
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Get out your notebook/laptop
Put away your phone
Put your bag on the floor

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Characteristics of Victorian Novel: 
1. Standard middle-class (bourgeoisie) habits and standards of behaviour.
2. The most popular topic is the adaptation of the individual to society. 
3. Emphasis on the way that characters develop. 
(lower class described in a boring manner, aristocracy portrayed in a jealous/arrogant manner). 

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Why was the novel successful? 
1. intended for middle class
2. flexible
3. escapism 
4. realistic
5. solutions to complex issues

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A Bildungsroman is a literary term describing a formative novel about a protagonist’s psychological and moral growth from their youth into adulthood. Bildungsroman novels are generally written in the first-person and often feature the name of the protagonist directly in the title, such as Emma, Jane Eyre, and David Copperfield.

The Bildungsroman literary genre originated in Germany. The German word “bildung” means education” and the German word “roman” means “novel.” Thus, “Bildungsroman” translates to “a novel of education” or “a novel of formation.”

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Gothic novel
The adjective gothic describes something that is characterized by mystery, horror, and gloom — especially in literature. Gothic literature combines the genres of romance and horror. Some famous writers of Gothic fiction include Charlotte Bronte, Mary Shelley and Edgar Allan Poe.

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Types of jobs for poor women

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Position of women in Victorian Times
*Poor women had to work

*Bad living conditions

* no rights to vote, husband was the boss
Difference between the classes:
*Rich women were supposed to be "the Angel of the House"
*Well-furnished houses & enough food, servants
* no rights to vote, husband decided on everything

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Women's rights
Emancipation: women's rights
in GB called Sufragettes: rights & votes for women 
1918 :allowed to vote if 30 years old
1928: vote at 21 years old
Rights to vote for women & lower classes

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Charlotte Brontë
Jane eyre

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