V5 January 22 Biden's inauguration

The presidential inauguration
 22 Januari 2021
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The presidential inauguration
 22 Januari 2021

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Lesson goals
In today's lesson, you'll learn more about Wednesday's presidential inauguration by watching a video  recapping the events, and answering some questions about it. 

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What two things are part of the 20th amendment?

Slide 4 - Open vraag

What two things does a president promise to do in the oath of office?

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What two 'firsts' does Carl Azus mention with regard to Biden's presidency?

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How would you translate: 'to prevail'?

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Do you think having a pledge of allegiance is a good thing? Should we do something like that in the Netherlands?
Explain your answer.
"Ik zweer trouw aan de vlag van Nederland... "

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One nation, under god, indivisible...
Did he come up with these words himself?

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What two things does Joe Biden say to the people who do not support him?

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"We must end this 'uncivil war'"
Which two explanations can you give for him saying this?

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What did Trump say were some of the successes of his presidency?
Support veterans, build the wall, raise minimum wage, develop a coronavirus vaccine.
Lower carbondioxide emissions, defeat Kim Yung Un, become customer of the year at KFC.
Support veterans, lower taxes, improve the economy, develop a coronavirus vaccine.
Delegitimize the press, return jobs in manufacturing, lower taxes, provide ventilators.

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Not everyone seems thrilled though...

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That was part 1 of today's lesson
Now please turn to SB p98

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Please mention two benefits and two disadvantages of artificial light?

Slide 17 - Open vraag

Now look at exercise 3 on SB p98.
Fill in your answers to 1-8 below. Mind, you are actually supposed to use all statements.
Click me!

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Now, let's do:
1) Exercise 6
2) WB p60, ex 1-4
3) Extra: Video about the Solar system (next slide)
4) Extra: Trevor Noah's view on the inauguration

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Slide 20 - Video

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